Intervenants invités

Conférence publique :
Art McDonald (Queen’s University) – The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory: Observing the Sun from 2 km Underground
Intervenants invités confirmés :

Manuela Campanelli (Rochester Institute of Technology) – Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers

Judith Irwin (Queen’s) – A New Look at Disk-Halo Dynamics with the CHANG-ES Project

Heidi Hammel (AURA) – Catastrophic Collisions in the Solar System

Tony Moffat (UdeM) – The BRITE-Constellation Nanosatellite Mission: a First for Canada

Grant Tremblay (Yale) – Cold, Galaxy-scale fountains with Black Hole Pumps

Rob Petre (NASA’s GSFC) – Expanding the horizons of X-ray astronomy

Tim Robishaw (National Research Council of Canada) – Probing Extragalactic Magnetic Fields via Zeeman Splitting of OH Megamasers

Chris Wilson (McMaster) – President’s Science Talk: ALMA observations of nearby galaxies
Conférencier du banquet :
Wilfred BuckWilfred Buck (Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc.) – Achakosuk (The Stars)